Nathalie Hendrickx Ceramics

Porcelain Art Work


Unique handmade porcelain inspired by the underwater world

I strive with my work to make the beauty of underwater life tangible and bring it close to our living rooms. My works are meant to initiate a dialogue about the fragility of such beautiful environment and the impact of our human activity. The works are called "PrickleS". They represent all wonderful kind of marine animals, like sea urchins, anemones and tunicates. Each work of this series is unique and handmade in pure porcelain. “PrickleS” look pure and natural, and though it looks like they may stab and sting, they have this tactile attraction on you. They give a tickling sensation when holding, but their fragility also demands you to cherish them. Just the same as our marine life.

Barnacle Vases

For the design of the Barnacle Vase I found my inspiration in Gooseneck barnacles, crustaceans that live attached to hard surfaces of rocks and flotsam in the ocean. The Barnacle vase I designed is similarly asymmetrical and changes looks with changing perspective. This allows you to create several unique and fresh combinations when your spirit of the day makes you reshuffle them. The Barnacle Vase is available in two sizes. 

Mug Stories

For centuries love and sorrow are shared around a cup of coffee. They make time and our tongues looser. Stories of the day are being told. New stories begin. Mug stories tells you the story of Babette Lechat, Boris Egel, Fritz Fuchs, Ramon en Buffalo Jane. Characters originated in the fantasy of Kim Craenen and Nathalie Hendrickx.

Boris Egel is the quiet ‘bon vivant’. 
Babette Lechat chases her dreams.
You don’t mess with Buffalo Jane.
Ramon is not who he seems to be at first sight.
Fritz Fuchs has a naughty edge to him.

Their personal stories has made them who they are, one and unique, with a strong, distinct personality and life motto. May they inspire you to share your own story while drinking your cup of coffee…


A beautiful coat hanger and shelf combo design of Atelier ZAAG., the design studio of Tina Peirlinck. Nathalie Hendrickx creates the cute porcelain birds.


Born in Leuven, Belgium.

Nathalie Hendrickx is fascinated by marine life, ever since childhood. Since her first scuba diving experience, this world made a deep and lasting impression on her. Being one with the underwater life gave an indescribable feeling, where all senses are sharpened and activated. The underwater world became the main source of inspiration for her future work.

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Pictures courtesy of Iris Pierloot. Flowers courtesy of Ilt Lauwers.


2010 – 2012: Ceramics Degree of Specialisation, Academy of Fine Arts, Leuven
1998 – 2002: Ceramics Higher Degree, Academy of Fine Arts, Leuven
1998 – 1999: Fire Safety Engineering, ANPI, Louvain-la-Neuve
1995 – 1996: Postgraduate Prevention & Safety Engineering, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels
1991 – 1995: Master degree in Engineering, Bio-Chemistry, Group T University College, Leuven

2016: Mold making and advanced casting, Simon Zsolt József (HU), De Koploper, Harelbeke
2015: Glaze course, Hein Severeyns (NL), Atelier Christiane Seghers, Leuven
2012: Paper porcelain and porcelain jewelry, Luca Tripaldi (IT), Cirkel 2, Turnhout
2012: Breaking the mold, Monika Patuszynska (Pl), De Koploper, Harelbeke
2011: Colouring porcelain, Henk Wolvers (NL), Cirkel 2, Turnhout
2010: Broken surface structures, Seung-Ho Yang (KR), Cirkel 2, Turnhout
2010: Paper porcelain, Thérèse Lebrun (BE), Atelier Cirkel, Brasschaat
2009: Multi-Piece Molds and Bone China, Sasha Wardell (UK), Atelier Cirkel, Brasschaat
2008: New surface structures, Enno Jäkel (GE), Atelier Cirkel, Brasschaat
2008: Colourful Raku techniques, Steve Mattison (UK), Atelier Cirkel, Brasschaat
2001: Raku Dolce, Giovanni Cimatti (IT), Atelier Cirkel, Brasschaat


Galerie Diptyk, Nantes, France 

Karla Mertens Jewelry, Leuven, 6 February - 16 May

International Ceramic Biennal, Haacht, 2-10 December
Kunstroute Leuven, 30 April, 1 & 7 May

Kunstroute Kortemark, 5-16 May

Galerie Diptyk, Nantes (Fr), 3 December - 15 January 2016
La Meute, Brussels, 17 - 30 September
Kunstroute Leuven, 26 April, 1 & 3 May
Gallery Leopold 22, Knokke, April - May

“The Parallel Worlds”, Galerie Alliages, Lille (Fr), 13 December - 17 January 2015
“Jong Bloed” ism Jan & Elisabeth Leenkneght, Ronse, 11 - 13 December
Galerie Diptyk, Nantes (Fr), 1 - 31 December
Kunsthuis Tussenin, Oostende, 1 August - 15 October
De Invasie van Amsterdam, Amsterdam (Nl), 3 & 4 May
De Invasie @Ventura Lambrate, Milan (IT), 8 - 13 April

Belgian Days in Riga, Riga (Latvia), 14 - 24 November
AAF @Cocoon, Brussels Expo, 16 - 24 November
Accessible Art Fair, Brussels, 10 - 13 October
Kunstroute Leuven, 28 April, 1 & 5 May
De Invasie @Ventura Lambrate, Milan (IT), 9 - 14 April
De Invasie van Antwerpen @ Oud etnografisch museum, 23 & 24 March

Weekend van de Lubbeekse kunstenaars, 24 & 25 November
Het Bataljon door de Invasie, Turnhout, 10 & 11 November
Laureatententoonstelling, SLAC Leuven, 13 September - 27 October
AST77, Tienen, 15 January - 15 March